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27 Feb

I haven’t been able to ignore the Spoiled displays at CVS. As soon as I saw Shrimp on the Barbie I had to have it! Its a pink, almost coral with gold shimmer. It was pretty sheer and I ended up using 4 coats, I did test it on top of black, I liked it, but it wasn’t the look I wanted. I could have also layered it over white…but I didn’t lol.

This will be a really fun color for summer. Although, it looked a tiny bit strange on my skin tone.

It’s such a pretty color on its own, it’s also a bit busy with the shimmer and the glitter look I didn’t wait to stamp over it.

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Spoiled….by Wet n’ Wild

18 Feb

I’ve been getting so many new polishes, its hard to keep up! For today’s manicure I decided to go with Spoiled by Wet n’ Wild The Parking Meteor Expired…bit of a long-winded name. lol. It’s a black based polish with blue, green and purple shimmer built-in.

I love this color! I did about 2 coats, but it could be a one-coater. Instead of a stamped mani I decided to do a coat of Spoiled’s Jewelry Heist over it.

I added another polish to my collection on Friday, Sinful Color’s Nail Junkie…perfect name!

It’s a blue sparkle jelly polish with green, gold, blue sparkles. Here it is in the bottle, can’t wait to try it out!

Make up time

16 Feb

Sadly I came to the conclusion that I’m not a huge fan of the Kleancolor polishes. I had a few issues with them, the biggest being that they took forever to dry. And once they did dry and I put a top coat on, it seem to reactivate the polish and I had to wait all over again. Although they are great for stamping.

I bought a few new polishes, so lets get to them. My husband and I went into the City over the weekend and we stopped in Rite Aid on the way to the subway. I picked up two Brucci’s. How I miss this brand! No store by me carries it anymore. One color I grabbed was a purple with tones of gold shimmer, Kaitlyn’s Deep Violet. The other was a teal color, Gianna’s “Rockin” Blue. So this first mani was with the purple. I did two coats of Kaitlyn’s Deep Violet and then used konad stamp m64. I decided to play up the gold shimmer using Ulta’s High Roller. Subtle, but fun!

Here is Brucci’s Kaitlyn’s Deep Violet on its own. I love the subtle gold tones in it!

Then on Tuesday I stopped by CVS and saw a display of Spoiled by Wet n’ Wild. I picked up three. Jewelry Heist, Ants in my Pants and The Parking Meteor Expired. Jewelry Heist is a glitter polish with large pink and gold glitter and small green and blue sparkles. Ants in my Pants is a red glitter polish.  The Parking Meteor Expired is a black based color with green, purple and blue shimmer.

For this mani i layered Jewelry Heist over Sinful Color’s Black on Black. I wished it laid a little flatter then it did. But it wasn’t terrible. Then I went too far by adding a Kleancolor Metallic Teal tip. blah.

Sparkly Safari

8 Feb

I apologize for not posting a new mani last night, but my husband and I had an awesome night out. A local Italian restaurant had a handmade ravioli and wine paring demonstration, it was sooo much fun. Anyway for tonight’s manicure I decided to finally use Wet N’ Wild’s Greys Anatomy. I tried it on one nail when I first bought it but never used it completely. Its a purpley silver with green tones, beautiful in the bottle but so sheer on its own so I put 3 coats over Sinful Color’s Black on Black. Then I used Konad’s plate m69 and Sally Hansen’s Celeb City for the stamping. It was the first time I used it for stamping and I’m very happy with the results!  I finished it off with my usual two coats of Essie’s To Dry For.