Nail Polish Collection

Color Brand Color Family
Gianna’s Rockin Blue Brucci Blue
Kaitlyn’s Deep Violet Brucci Purple
Plain Black – 106 Brucci Black
Flyin High China Glaze Blue
Urban Nights China Glaze Purple
Chocolate Strawberry DIY brown
Midnight DIY Blue
Purple Moonlight DIY Purple
Holo Blue Kleancolor Blue
Holo Green Kleancolor Green
Holo Orange Kleancolor Orange
Holo Pink Kleancolor Pink
Holo Yellow Kleancolor Yellow
Metallic Aqua Kleancolor Blue
Metallic Blue Kleancolor Blue
Metallic Fuchsia Kleancolor Pink
Metallic Green Kleancolor Green
Metallic Yellow Kleancolor Yellow
Pastel Blue Kleancolor Blue
Pastel Orange Kleancolor Orange
Pastel Pink Kleancolor Pink
Pastel Purple Kleancolor Purple
Pastel Teal Kleancolor Blue
Pastel Yellow Kleancolor Yellow
Sheer Red Kleancolor Red/Pink
Sparkle Purple Kleancolor Purple
Bet on Red – 94 Milani Red
Black Cherry – 28 Milani Purple
Cherry Pie – 47 Milani Pink
Disco Lights – 89 Milani PInk
Dude Blue Milani Blue
Holographic Cyberspace – 512 Milani Blue
Holographic Digital 513 Milani Pink
Juicy Glow – 67 Milani Orange
Pop Pink – 66 Milani Pink
Purple Passion – 17 Milani Purple
One Less Lonely Glitter Nicole/OPI Purple
NK Nail Enamel Green – 87 NK Nail green
Fuschsia Shock Crème – 111a NYC pink
Ski Teal We Drop OPI Blue
Yoga-get this blue OPI Blue
Rocco-it Orly Purple
Crackle Lightning Strikes Pure Ice silver
Crème Flirt Alert – 617 Pure Ice pink
Gold Dust Pure Ice gold
Pure Ice Crimson Pure Ice red
Popular Revlon pink
Burgundy Flirt Rimmel London red
Rages to Riches Rimmel London Green
Steel Grey – 270 Rimmel London grey
Stilletto Red Rimmel London Red
Orange Glow-in-the-dark Rite Aid Orange
Pink Glow-in-the-dark Rite Aid pink
Celeb City Xtreme Wear Sally Hansen silver
Crackle Ink Spatter – 08 Sally Hansen black
Diamond Strength – Antique Bronze – 77 Sally Hansen brown
Fire Opal Nail Glaze Amber opal -11 Sally Hansen pink
Insta -dry Spring Green – 03 Sally Hansen green
Insta-dry Lightning 10 Sally Hansen yellow
Insta-dry Pink Sally Hansen pink
Insta-dry Rose Rush – 07 Sally Hansen pink
Insta-dry Urgent Orchid -08 Sally Hansen Purple
No Chip Eternal Expresso – 45 Sally Hansen pink
No Chip Timeless Rose – 29 Sally Hansen pink
Xtreme Wear – Blue It – 37 Sally Hansen blue
Xtreme Wear – Gray Area – 330 Sally Hansen grey
Xtreme Wear Blue me away – 04 Sally Hansen blue
Xtreme Wear Grey Area – 330 Sally Hansen grey
Xtreme wear Gunmetal – 22 Sally Hansen grey
Xtreme Wear Wet Cement – 460 Sally Hansen grey
Beautiful Girl – 314 Sinful Colors pink
Big Daddy – 850 Sinful Colors orange
Cinderella Sinful Colors Blue
Courtney Orange – 30 Sinful Colors Orange
Cream Pink – 152 Sinful Colors pink
Dream On – 113 Sinful Colors Purple
Feeling Great – 323 Sinful Colors Pink
Folly – 395 Sinful Colors Pink
Glass Pink Sinful Colors Pink
Green Ocean Sinful Colors Green/Flakies
Innocent – 944 Sinful Colors green
Last Chance Sinful Colors green
Love Nails – 282 Sinful Colors blue
Mama-San – 840 Sinful Colors pink
Mercury Rising Sinful Colors brown
Merlot – 257 Sinful Colors red
Mint Apple – 947 Sinful Colors green
Nail Junkie Sinful Colors Blue
Neptune Sinful Colors purple
Nirvana – 949 Sinful Colors brown
Paradise – 973 Sinful Colors blue
Pink – 871 Sinful Colors pink
Pink Glitter Sinful Colors pink
Red Diamond – 157 Sinful Colors red
Rise and Shine – 940 Sinful Colors green
Ruby Ruby – 369 Sinful Colors red
San Francisco – 802 Sinful Colors green
Savage – 950 Sinful Colors green
Scandal – 855 Sinful Colors pink
Secret Admirer Sinful Colors black
Show me the way – 833 Sinful Colors green
Snow me white – 101 Sinful Colors white
Sugar Sugar – 839 Sinful Colors red
Thimbleberry – 108 Sinful Colors pink
Under 18 – 298 Sinful Colors red
Vacation Time – 264 Sinful Colors nude
Zues Sinful Colors purple
Ant’s in my Pants Spoiled Red
Jewelry Heist Spoiled Glitter
The Parking Meteor Expired Spoiled Green
Shrimp on the Barbie Spoiled Pink
Deeper Dive Spoiled Blue
dance Til Dawn Ulta Teal/blue
Deep Desire Ulta red
Devious Ulta Purple
High Roller Ulta Gold
Plum Street Ulta red
Smoke Screen Ulta grey
The Jungle Book Ulta green
Vintage Violet Ulta Purple
Gray’s Anatomy – 237c Wet N’ Wild Purple

One Response to “Nail Polish Collection”

  1. Diary Of A Phat Kat April 4, 2012 at 3:10 pm #

    Wow!!! I’m in love! I have a few of the sinful colors you mentioned. Gorgeous 🙂

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