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31 Aug

Hi all,

I’ve been super busy and haven’t had a chance to do any blogging.  I decided to make this nail polish obsession a little more official and get my nail technician license for a little fun on the side. So Monday – Wednesday I’ve been in school…between that and work I haven’t turned my laptop on in a few months.  I’ve also decided to move my blog over to my regular domain name…which is  I hope you’ll all continue to follow me there!! I plan on updating more and adding a few techniques that I’ve learned.


Neon Pink

26 Mar

I’ve been searching for the brightness neon pink and can find since last summer and I think I’ve found it. The Color Club’s Warhol.  I did about 2-3 coats and then decided to use a Red Angel stamp with OPI’s Yoga-get this blue.

Ulta’s 4 sided emery board

20 Mar

In my last post I forgot to talk about this tool. I’ve had several blocks like this in the past. Emery board, buffer, a side to smooth the nail and another to even it out. But this one is by far my favorite. The buffer is great, and the side that smooths my nail is amazing, it makes it look like I have a base coat on.

My First Water Marble

4 Mar

…Wasn’t a huge success, but not a total fail. But I guess that could be a statement about the whole weekend lol. I fell down our stairs Saturday morning…luckly only half the flight, but still…oww lol. But back to the task at hand… I use two colors, Sinful Color’s Snow me White and Ulta’s Devious. I attempted to use Kleancolor’s Pastel Purple, but it never spread out right, so I passed on it.  I thought this would be a crazy time consuming mani, but it really wasn’t. I started out with a base coat of Snow me White, two coats, and taped up my finger tips.

This was before I took the tape off….ewww lol.

The finish product…

Dressed up Black

28 Feb

I started reorganizing my stash and found this holographic-ish glitter polish in one of my bins. Around Christmas I had bought a motorized nail buffer which came with a dryer, a few other tools and around 8 different polishes. Being a brand I never heard of  and being lumped in with the other nail tools I kind of just wrote the polishes off. But this polish will definitely be used again! I don’t think it even has a name. The glitter is suspended in clear polish so I decided to layer it over Sinful Color’s Black on black. I’m thrilled with the outcome. It looks great in the sunlight!!

I’m not sure I captured all the colors of this. In different lights new colors show up.

I had all my polishes in tackle boxes, but they were all stacked on top of each other. It started to get annoying to get to the bottom bin. I’m in the middle of moving them to one of the drawers in our spare bedroom’s dresser.

I also just purchased a set of Red Angel image plates and a set of dotting tools, I can’t wait to get them. I’ll be tracking them every step of the way…because I’m inpatient like that.

Wishing For Summer

6 Feb

I’m quite excited about the manicure I did tonight. It was one of the more time consuming ones, but I still love it! I started with two coats of Sinful Colors Beautiful Girl, such a pretty cream light pink.

(Unfortunately, I had to use my point and shoot for this picture and it had some issues with color.)

Then I used a makeup sponge to achieve the gradient look using Sally Hansen’s Rose Rush for the middle, then using the sponge again I used Milani’s Cherry Pie for the tip.

I sealed that off with a coat of Essie’s To Dry For. I love this look on its own, but since I had a Konadless mani yesterday I couldn’t help it. I used Konad’s Special White polish and plate m63.

I finished it off with 2 coats of To Dry For…okay maybe it was three, I can’t help it! Another fun Valentine’s Day look.


3 Sep

Hi, I’m Danielle and I’m obsessed with nail polish! I would say I do my nails 2-3 times a week. Recently, I found the world of konad and taped manicures. I’m still pretty new to both. I thought it would be nice to see how my skills progressed. I do my nails myself to save money, so most of the nail polishes I use are inexpensive. I have a rule…Any time I’m in Walgreens – no matter what I’m going in for, I must by a new bottle of nail polish.