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Black and Pink Zebra Print

8 Mar

As much fun as subtle stamping mani’s are, I’ve come to the conclusion my favorite are the obnoxious ones. lol. I started with alternating Sinful Color’s Black on Black and Sinful Color’s Feeling Great on each finger. On the black nails I stamped a white zebra print using Konad’s special polish and on the pink I used Konad’s special black polish. Fun and obnoxious!


Chocolate Strawberry & Popular

19 Feb

Here is a swatch of my DIY Chocolate Strawberry nail color I make this morning. Unfortunately, this picture doesn’t show the pink shimmer in it.

I tried Revlon’s Popular..Love it! I ended up doing 4 coats, but it covered in 3. I finished it off with a coat of Essie’s To Dry For.

Popular is my first Revlon polish, the formula is great and it dried quickly, even with four coats.

Nail Polish Delivery

11 Feb

I came home yesterday to a package on my stoop….it was the 18 Kleancolor polishes I ordered last week. Yay.

They were all individually wrapped..which was a lot of fun to open each one! They ended up sending two wrong polishes, but thats okay, I decided to keep them anyway. After they were all unwrapped I took a blank nail wheel and filled it up.

I had a bit of a mani fail this morning. Maybe I should have slept an hour later lol.  At first I started off with two coats of Kleancolor’s Pastel Pink such a pretty color, Sinful Color’s Beautful Girl looks peach next to it, it was a lot thicker then I thought it would be and was taking forever to dry.

I nicked it a few times so I decided to take it off. I figured since it was thick it would be perfect for stamping. So I tried another new color from my order for my base, Kleancolor’s Metallic Fuchsia. Wow! What a color! And the formula is great! I only needed one coat, but I can’t help myself and I ended up doing two.

(my camera had a hard time capturing the color and my skin tone correctly, I tried my best to color correct it in photoshop)

Then I used Konad’s plate M69. The Pastel Pink worked great for stamping! Then I put Essie’s To Dry For on top….oops….there goes my pastel pink stamp…it turned into purple, so now it looks like a faint texture…boo.

Booo. Can barely even see it! Oh well, It’s not like it’ll stay on long anyway. lol.  To make things even worse, I dropped my Sally Hansen Green Tea Cuticle oil and it broke…double boo.

New Colors!

24 Jan

I bought two new polishs at Walgreens this past week. Rimmel London Rags to Riches and Sinful Colors Mercury Rising. I decided to try out the Rags to Riches first. Great Color, its a pearly-sage green. It only takes 2 coats to get to the bottle color. I decided to do a white zebra konad stamp on top. Very happy with it!  I also tried something a little different this time. I put a coat of Essie To Dry For before I did my konad stamp. I think it looks extra shiny…and hopefully will stay on longer.

Another Manicure I forgot to post was actually one of my favorites!

Pink & Brown

3 Sep

I couldn’t decided if I wanted to do a konad stamp or taped manicure…so I decided to do both.
I started with 2 coats of Sinful Colors “Beauiful Girl”, then I taped off the top half of my nail.  It makes things easier if I rip off 5 pieces and make them less tacky by putting them on my palm or jeans a couple of times first. For the brown I used Sinful Colors “Nirvana”. After letting that dry I used Konad’s special white nail polish and Bundle Monster plate BM16.  I used two top coats, Essie’s To Dry For and Sally Hansen’s Ultimate Shield.