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Swirls of Blue

3 Mar

I drove home during lunch on Thursday to pick up my dotting tools and red angel plates from my mailbox. So exciting! I wasn’t sure what to use first! I wasn’t even sure I was ready to give up my sunny yellow manicure yet! So I started by adding little dots to yesterday’s mani.

So much fun, I was suprised how well my right hand came out, considering I thought my left hand would be a wreak trying to apply the dots in a tidy manner.

I hung around with that for a while, but since my husband was out a concert the whole night I decided to change it up. Trying another Kleancolor polish I went with Pastel Blue.

This is three coats. And I gotta say I’m rethinking these Kleancolors every time a try a new one, they’re awesome!

I decide to use Reg Angel plate RA 106. Because it is such a crazy pattern I thought I’d use a color that was similar to my base. I bought Konad’s special stamping polish in a pastel blue and it hasn’t got a lot of use yet, but I figured it would be perfect for this.

Finished it off with Essie’s To Dry For.

Here are a few pics of the Red Angel image plates and the dotting tools.


Waiting for Spring to…Spring

1 Mar

It seems that since I’ve learned the “foil method” for removing the glitter polishes I can’t get enough! I’ve been doing a lot of sparkle and glitter polishes and while they are fun and gorgeous my favorite type of polish is creme. Its been hard to ignore the 18 Kleancolor polishes I bought, but after not so great results and then just okay results I’ve been avoiding them. But I’ve come to the conclusion that I can not judge these as a whole. Each color seems to behave differently. Even the pastel pink and pastel yellow acted differently. I figured, one collection/finish – one formula, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I’ve been doing a lot of dark mani’s lately so I decided to switch it up a bit. Plus with all this insanely warm weather we’ve been having lately I’ve been in the mood for Spring! Although, go figure today is cold and rainy. A few weeks ago when the Kleancolor polishes arrived I was so excited to see this pastel yellow. The only other yellow I have is Sally Hansen’s Lightning, which is a bright yellow – at least on my skin tone.

I started out with three coats of Kleancolor’s Pastel Yellow (they need to work on their names. Where’s the in between Spoiled’s crazy names and Kleancolor’s boring ones.)  I made sure I waited a little bit to add the other coats (I was stepping on eggshells, really wanting this to work out). I added one layer of Essie’s To Dry For – just in case.

I then used Konad’s special Pastel Purple stamping polish and Bundle Monster’s plate BM11. When I first got these plates I noticed this particular design was on two different plates. But then I noticed that they seem to be different sizes, a small amount, but still different enough. I finished it off with two coats of Essie’s TDF.

My Red Angel plates and dotting tools have arrived! Can’t wait to play with them!

Metallic Teal

22 Feb

Giving Kleancolor’s another chance. This time I went with Metallic Teal. Love it! Its so bright and fun. I did learn from my mistakes…I went topcoatless…i know….i know.  It covers in one coat, but I added a second.


16 Feb

I decided to do a konad stamp over Brucci’s Gianna’s Rockin Blue.  I choose Kleancolor’s Metallic Blue for the stamp color and the stamp m65.

Make up time

16 Feb

Sadly I came to the conclusion that I’m not a huge fan of the Kleancolor polishes. I had a few issues with them, the biggest being that they took forever to dry. And once they did dry and I put a top coat on, it seem to reactivate the polish and I had to wait all over again. Although they are great for stamping.

I bought a few new polishes, so lets get to them. My husband and I went into the City over the weekend and we stopped in Rite Aid on the way to the subway. I picked up two Brucci’s. How I miss this brand! No store by me carries it anymore. One color I grabbed was a purple with tones of gold shimmer, Kaitlyn’s Deep Violet. The other was a teal color, Gianna’s “Rockin” Blue. So this first mani was with the purple. I did two coats of Kaitlyn’s Deep Violet and then used konad stamp m64. I decided to play up the gold shimmer using Ulta’s High Roller. Subtle, but fun!

Here is Brucci’s Kaitlyn’s Deep Violet on its own. I love the subtle gold tones in it!

Then on Tuesday I stopped by CVS and saw a display of Spoiled by Wet n’ Wild. I picked up three. Jewelry Heist, Ants in my Pants and The Parking Meteor Expired. Jewelry Heist is a glitter polish with large pink and gold glitter and small green and blue sparkles. Ants in my Pants is a red glitter polish.  The Parking Meteor Expired is a black based color with green, purple and blue shimmer.

For this mani i layered Jewelry Heist over Sinful Color’s Black on Black. I wished it laid a little flatter then it did. But it wasn’t terrible. Then I went too far by adding a Kleancolor Metallic Teal tip. blah.

Nail Polish Delivery

11 Feb

I came home yesterday to a package on my stoop….it was the 18 Kleancolor polishes I ordered last week. Yay.

They were all individually wrapped..which was a lot of fun to open each one! They ended up sending two wrong polishes, but thats okay, I decided to keep them anyway. After they were all unwrapped I took a blank nail wheel and filled it up.

I had a bit of a mani fail this morning. Maybe I should have slept an hour later lol.  At first I started off with two coats of Kleancolor’s Pastel Pink such a pretty color, Sinful Color’s Beautful Girl looks peach next to it, it was a lot thicker then I thought it would be and was taking forever to dry.

I nicked it a few times so I decided to take it off. I figured since it was thick it would be perfect for stamping. So I tried another new color from my order for my base, Kleancolor’s Metallic Fuchsia. Wow! What a color! And the formula is great! I only needed one coat, but I can’t help myself and I ended up doing two.

(my camera had a hard time capturing the color and my skin tone correctly, I tried my best to color correct it in photoshop)

Then I used Konad’s plate M69. The Pastel Pink worked great for stamping! Then I put Essie’s To Dry For on top….oops….there goes my pastel pink stamp…it turned into purple, so now it looks like a faint texture…boo.

Booo. Can barely even see it! Oh well, It’s not like it’ll stay on long anyway. lol.  To make things even worse, I dropped my Sally Hansen Green Tea Cuticle oil and it broke…double boo.