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Chocolate Strawberry & Popular

19 Feb

Here is a swatch of my DIY Chocolate Strawberry nail color I make this morning. Unfortunately, this picture doesn’t show the pink shimmer in it.

I tried Revlon’s Popular..Love it! I ended up doing 4 coats, but it covered in 3. I finished it off with a coat of Essie’s To Dry For.

Popular is my first Revlon polish, the formula is great and it dried quickly, even with four coats.


More DIY Nail Color

19 Feb

I took a trip to Ulta this morning for my refill of Essie’s To Dry For. Since I’ve been buying new polish like crazy (picked up Revlon’s Popular yesterday) I knew I couldn’t get another new polish at Ulta so instead I picked up 2 Sally Hansen’s Clear polish for DIY Nail color so I could use my coupon.  I decided to use two of my Bare Mineral’s eyeshadows that I kinda forgot about. Cherry Coco Truffle is a brown with tiny pink sparkles in it and Berry Flambe is a purple with gold, blue and purple sparkles.

I like to use old scrapbook paper to make a funnel, its thick and easy to use since it is already a square.

I like the Bare Mineral’s because it’s powdery and if you use regular eyeshadow it needs to be ground up. I used the opposite end of a thin paint brush when I used an Almay shadow.

I’m pretty excited about these colors, I haven’t done a mani yet with them, I’ll probably do them tonight, but here is the final result! What would a nail polish be without a silly name, so here is Purple Moonlight

And here is Chocolate Strawberry.

Sparkly Gradient

2 Feb

I decided to add a little sparkle to my current manicure of my DIY nail color.  I used Sally Hansen’s Celeb City, it is one of my favorite silvers. I wanted  a soft gradient look as opposed to the hard line I’d get with tape.  I opted to use a foam make-up applicator, brushing some polish onto the tip and lightly patting my nail.

Its a little difficult to see in pictures since the Celeb City is so sparkly, here are a few different angles/lighting.

My Color

1 Feb

Short post tonight….I used the nail polish I made tonight to do my manicure…I Love It!! I did end up adding a little more of the eyeshadow to it. I also tried to add eyeshadow to white nail polish…you need a lot more eyeshadow and really need to mix it, I think the clear works better. Anyway here is the result!

DIY Nail Polish

1 Feb

So I did it, I made my own nail polish! I was shocked that it actually worked! I think you’re suppose to use just a clear nail polish, but I went with a top coat (it was the only clear color I had.) So I started with a clear top coat and added my crushed eyeshadow color into the bottle with paper cone. This stuff gets everywhere! This is the eyeshadow I used…Bare Minerals T.L.C.

Here it is in the bottle.

Here is the final outcome! This is about 3 coats.

I wonder what would happen if I added the eyeshadow to white?…Interesting I’ll have to find out!