More Sparkle

29 Feb

Lately I’ve been on a sparkle kick…put that together with my Spoiled by Wet n’ Wild purchases and you get Deeper Dive. It’s a blue-teal jelly polish from the Spoiled collection. They really need to work on their names, I had a few different ones in my hand that I had to put back just because I couldn’t get past the name….”Pet my Peacock”….”Your fly’s Down”….”My Silicone Popped”?!?!? What, who, why?! Why?!? Everything I’ve been reading people have been complaining about the Spoiled brushs, I haven’t had a problem with any of them until Deeper Dive, I don’t know if it was because its a jelly and it’s darker…it was the only one to stain my nails…my cuticles…and my skin…not sure how much I’ll be using this one. Which is sad because It really is beautiful, another great one for the summer.


One Response to “More Sparkle”

  1. Christina May 3, 2012 at 5:08 pm #

    Ugh I had the same problem with staining too!! EVERY.WHERE.
    (But I also experienced it with the Orly Mineral FX that’s similar to this color, so I think it’s not a polish specific problem but an over-all problem with this specific shade range in jelly form. Boo.)

    Hah, I can’t get over most of the names. I’ve said it before, I really think Spoiled’s naming department consists of two people; one is normal, the other is a 12 year old Beavis&Butthead fan.

    Love your site! 🙂

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