New colors!

11 Sep

I took a trip to Ulta today to replenish my stock of Essie’s To Dry For, unfortunately they were out of it. 😦 But I did pick up some new polishes. Ulta’s Into Astrono-Me? (wow really annoying name. Lol) I’ve been looking for a flat navy blue, and had a really hard time, this polish was me giving in. I haven’t used it yet, but the more I look at the bottle the more I like it even though it isn’t flat. Eh, I also picked up Wet n’ Wild’s Greys Anatomy, it’s a purple holographic sort of color, it kinda looks like an oil stain…I tested it quickly…not impressed. the last color I got was Rimmels Steel Grey, it’s a purpley-grey….love it!

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